Create Jira issues for vulnerabilities | Fluid Attacks

Create Jira issues for vulnerabilities

Permission required: In order to create issues from reported vulnerabilities, you must have the permission “Administer Jira” or be an admin of the Jira Cloud instance.

Using Fluid Attacks’ Jira integration, you can assign, prioritize and manage issues using your team's workflows.

To create an issue on Jira about a reported vulnerability, follow the steps below.

  1. In your Jira Cloud instance, open the project where the vulnerability was reported.
  2. Open the Jira project where Fluid Attacks found the vulnerability

  3. Click on Fluid Attacks under APPS in the left-hand menu.
  4. Open the Fluid Attacks app on Jira Cloud

  5. Click Create in the row of the vulnerability for which you want to create a Jira issue.
  6. Create Jira issue from the table of vulnerabilities found by Fluid Attacks

  7. Inspect the prefilled fields.
  8. View the fields to create a Jira issue on a vulnerability reported by Fluid Attacks
    While editing the issue, notice that the Summary and Description fields already have information about the vulnerability. The prefilled information includes links to Fluid Attacks’ documentation on the vulnerability and evidence of exploitability in your own software.

  9. Further below, assign the fix work to a member of your team in the field Assignee.
  10. Assign fix work in the Jira issue about a vulnerability found by Fluid Attacks

  11. When you are done, click on Create.
After this procedure, your options for that vulnerability are to view the issue or unlink it.
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