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Find the option for cloud integrations

In this Knowledge Base, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to integrate secrets/credentials for AWS, GCP, or Azure environments into the platform.

This page will explain the first steps that must be followed in all three environments.

First, select which Git Root we will add this to.

Select Git Root

When you select it, go to the second tab called Environments. You can add this by choosing the type of environment; in this case, you will select CSPM. You can enter here if you want to know more about the other types of environments.

Cloud option

You will see a window called Cloud Name; select the environment you want to add, which could be from a AWS account, Google Cloud Platform project or Azure subscription.

cloud options

We will now explain how to add the secrets of each of these environments. Please select the one you need to add, and you will be redirected to the following steps.

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