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Talk to a hacker

Plan requirement info
Plan required: Advanced
Role requirement info
Role required: User, Vulnerability Manager or User Manager
Sometimes, you may require guidance concerning understanding some vulnerabilities reported in your group or maybe some information about any of our services. To cater to this need, we offer the feature Talk to a hacker on our platform (available exclusively with the Advanced plan). This feature enables you to schedule a video conference to discuss the issues you need assistance with. Through this approach, we streamline our communication process and provide you with prompt and efficient support.
  1. To find this option, you must enter your group of interest subscribed to Advanced and hover over the Help button in the top-right corner of the screen or the button located in the bottom corner that says Talk to a hacker.

    Talk to Hacker Option

  2. Upon clicking on it, a pop-up window will emerge, prompting you whether you have perused the documentation pertaining to the specific vulnerability you are encountering issues with.

    Talk to Hacker Option

  3. If you still need to explore the documentation, you will be given the option to navigate it and potentially resolve your issue.

    Go to documentation

  4. Alternatively, if you confirm having reviewed the documentation but still possess uncertainties, you can proceed to schedule an appointment with our Talk to a hacker feature.

    schedule appointment

  5. By clicking there, you can see calendar availability and schedule a videoconference according to your convenience to meet your information needs.

    Calendar Availability

  6. After selecting the date and time, you need to enter some details to make the appointment. In addition, you can add guests: people from your team that you want to join the call. Then, you click on the blue Schedule Event button.

    Schedule Event

  7. After that, you can see the pop-up window that gives you the information about the appointment, including the name of the expert you will talk to.

  8. Finally, you receive an email with an invitation to the appointment, which is included in your Google Calendar.

Our priority is to serve your communication requests in the best possible way. We hope this option will be of great benefit to you.

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