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Get AI-generated guides for remediation

Users can request a customized guide designed to address a particular vulnerability specifically. This functionality is called Custom Fix, crafted through GPT-4's artificial intelligence, intended to provide detailed assistance tailored to the specific problem the user is facing. Users can access a comprehensive resource with particular steps and contextualized recommendations to efficiently address the vulnerability by opting for this option.

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To start using this function, click on the wrench icon.

Custom Fix icon

Clicking on it will auto-generate a specific guide on how to fix this vulnerability.

Custom Fix guidelines

The guide is generated when a minimal fragment of the sensitive code is transmitted via a secure API. Consistent with the applicable usage policies, you can be confident that this data will be handled with the utmost care. Your information will not be used, stored, or shared, ensuring the continued confidentiality and integrity of your code.

Note that the initial generation for each vulnerability may take some time. However, to enhance efficiency, this response is cached for future reference. Should the vulnerable commit change, a new guide will be generated. The process leverages the code version stored by Fluid Attacks, not the locally stored code. If there’s any modification in the code, ensure to upload it to the repository and synchronize it from the vulnerability management platform.