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Watch tutorial videos or get a demo

Attention users: Our platform is getting a fresh new look! Soon, you'll enjoy an updated interface designed to enhance your experience. Stay tuned for the unveiling, and get ready to explore the improved Fluid Attacks platform!
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Role requirement infoRole required: User, Vulnerability Manager or User Manager
The Learn how to use our platform help option provides you with a better understanding of the platform to get the most out of the tools, having resources designed to facilitate the learning experience.

Access the demo and tutorials on the Fluid Attacks platform

When selected, this help option presents two further options in a pop-up window:

Live Demo

This option is to have a free personalized video call to answer your questions and provide complete information on the platform. Our team of experts will be happy to guide you through the process, ensuring you understand and feel comfortable with the platform features.

To request the onboarding session, click the Live Demo option and then Continue.


You will see a Google Calendar booking page, where you can select the day and time for your section. These are composed of 30 minutes where you can cover all the topics of your interest, all related to the platform's usability.

Video Tutorials

This option links to explanatory videos covering different tasks on the platform. These videos will guide you step by step through the various functionalities. To access them, you must click the Video Tutorials option and then Continue.


There you will be redirected to a Fluid Attacks' official YouTube playlist, where you can have the content of the explanatory videos touching on topics such as inspecting reported vulnerabilities, learning the details of events impeding security testing, and requesting reattacks, among others.

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Free trial
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