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Comment on Consulting sections

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Plan requirement info
Plan required: Advanced
Role requirement info
Role required: User, Vulnerability Manager or User Manager
In the Consulting section, you can contact us to discuss any questions, requests, suggestions, or issues related to your group, a specific vulnerability, or an event. You can access this section in three distinct places:

Consulting about a group

The Consulting section at the group level allows you to comment on any problems or questions about the group. To access this feature, select the group you are interested in and go to the Consulting section. In this section, you can add comments and get assistance from Fluid Attacks or any member of your group.

Group Consulting

Consulting about a vulnerability

You can find a Consulting section inside all of the different types of vulnerabilities reported in your group. When you click on a type of vulnerability, you can find the tab on the right-hand side of your screen.

Vulnerability Consulting

This section is intended for communication with us in case of any issues related to vulnerabilities reported in that category or if you have general questions about that type of vulnerability. Additionally, you will find comments here regarding your reattack requests and the outcomes of those reattacks.

Plan capability infoConsulting within the Vulnerabilities section is available for users subscribed to the Essential plan in view mode. This allows you to see comments posted by Fluid Attacks' AppSec testing tool on requested reattacks.

Consulting about an event

Finally, you can find a Consulting section after clicking on any event listed in the Events section of each group. When you click on the former, a text field will be available where you can add your comments.

Event Consulting

This tab is useful when you need to provide specific details about the event and notify us once the issue has been resolved.

Note on comments notifications
Note: The comments posted in these three sections are sent daily in a Consulting digest notification to group members that have it enabled. You can turn this notification on or off in the Notifications section.