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Set up the Jira integration

Permissions required: To set up this integration, you need the permission “Administer Jira” on Jira Cloud.
After you have installed the Fluid Attacks app for Jira Cloud, follow these steps to set up the integration:
  1. Open the Jira project that you wish to connect with Fluid Attacks’ platform.
  2. Open the Jira project to connect with the Fluid Attacks platform

  3. Select Fluid Attacks under APPS in the left-hand menu.
  4. Find the Fluid Attacks app on the Jira menu

  5. You will get a message with the path to set up the Fluid Attacks app.
  6. Find the path on Jira to set up the Fluid Attacks app

  7. Provide the Fluid Attacks API token in the screen shown below and click Connect. To learn how to get this token on Fluid Attacks’ platform, read Generate or revoke the API token.
  8. Provide the Fluid Attacks API token on Jira
    Note: To generate the API token your client role on Fluid Attacks’ platform must be either User, Vulnerability Manager or User Manager.
  9. Select the corresponding group on Fluid Attacks' platform and click Save. You will get a “Settings saved” message confirming the process was successful.
  10. Choose the Fluid Attacks group to integrate with Jira
Upon clicking on Back to project, you will be directed to the section of your project dedicated to the Fluid Attacks app. There, if you are the Jira instance admin or have the permission "Administer Jira," you can see the reported vulnerabilities with their details and the options to link to a Jira issue or create a Jira issue to link.
Note: To access linked vulnerabilities and request reattacks on Jira Cloud, you must have the permission to assign or be assigned issues.
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